Kathy Hoets

Was born in Taipei, Taiwan .When she was 10 years old, she and her family moved to California.

Kathy has lived in many different parts of the world, including

New York City, Geneva and Bali.

While living in Bali she wrote and illustrated her first children's book, "Erik's Garden in Bali".

Kathy's paintings are abstractly autobiographical as she brings her subject to life through her own

mode of expression; this is especially true of her steel paintings.

Her vivid recall of images, along with the sense of being lost in each brush stroke,

creates a distinctive and unique painting.

The stunning complexity of her nature paintings seem to pulsate with waves of branches, leaves and flowers; inspired by her own pure observations of nature.

She gives each of her subjects an incisive feel; capturing the depth and contrast of movement...

bringing her vision to life, whether on canvas or steel.


We all have dreams.
Mine is a desire to share my vivid mental images.
To capture moments  with sweeping brush strokes
and bring them to life.

 This passion and visual expression is as

 limitless as my imagination ...

Kathy w. Hoets